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The Art of Facilitating Creativity

The art of facilitating a brainstorming session or a day or two long strategic meeting is to use techniques and time/breaks for tapping into your creative mind. We at Pure Ambition use sometimes, amongst other fun and successful tools, the short version of Easy Path, which can be deployed in your garden or corporate campus, to create the time, awareness, and atmosphere in which you can let go of limiting beliefs and be open to blending old with new. It is a safe and liberating environment in which our creative minds can flourish and shine without being judged by the rational other half.

Next time you feel stuck in certain paths of thinking and you struggle with generating ideas, get up and take a walk, whether it is outdoors, in your home or office. Then either pick up a piece that your environment offers you in this moment like a leaf, a branch, a pencil or whatever ends up in your intuitive hand.

Don’t think about any reasoning. Don’t think. Let your thoughts arise and pass away. Breath!

Now start to explore this object you hold in your hand (or in your thought in case you prefer to look out of a window) for about 5 minutes. Get into a relationship with this object and be with it. Breath!

Then ask yourself how this informs you about your issue/ question / idea you were struggling with. Write down on a post-it or piece of paper whatever comes to your mind. This doesn’t need to make any sense to your rational mind, because your creative mind is speaking right now. Let it flow and when you feel like your creative spring is running out of fluid, step back from it, take a deep breath and look at your notes.

You can repeat this process each time with other objects several times. You can also do this with a whole team and share your creativity and inspire each other by that.

Have fun and enjoy!

We are brilliant, creative magicians as soon as we unleash the creative mind! 

Oh, and here is something you probably shouldn’t do:

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