And by everyone, we mean throughout those you impact, inside and outside your four walls. Not so far-fetched, really. Our proven, science-backed solutions address today’s greatest workplace challenges so you can focus on what you do best.

The Aligned Leadership Model, a proprietary framework, forms the basis for all of our work, supporting personal, team, and organizational alignment. Built upon the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence theory, systems thinking and accountability structures, and presence-based co-active leadership development and coaching practices, we invite our clients to explore new ways of being with the complexities of the modern world and workplace. The model supports balancing the need for moments of pause with taking action. Deep reflection of how we are being while we are doing become a more natural part of how we operate.  

And we're not the only ones. We're part of a global movement of practitioners committed to conscious leadership of the self, our organizations, and our collective humanity, ultimately in service of better outcomes for all. This includes the US Surgeon General who recently released the Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Report, providing a clear framework for supporting your employees in being their best selves. Learn more about those who inspire and contribute to our work here. 

Our work is also supported and delivered through our diverse network of carefully curated key partnerships and impact-driven experts who: 

  • -> have held leadership positions in business environments
  • -> are credentialed lifelong learners with a strong commitment to our craft
  • -> are passionate in our pursuit of co-creating equitable thriving workplaces
  • -> align with a core set of principles and values that guide our engagements



Join us? 

Giving Back

Pure Ambition is active in the local community.  Our team is made up of individuals serving on non-profit boards, engaged with community activism, and philanthropic giving.

Here are the core ways we engage as an organization:

  • Pure Ambition works on a sliding scale with individual clients while also maintaining active pro-bono + highly subsidized coaching slots for those who are committed to making a difference through their leadership yet have financial need.
  • Pure Ambition is committed to ensuring non-profit and social enterprise organizations have access to best-in-class leadership development and employee engagement strategies. We extend a 15% off list discount to all non-profits,  certified B-Corps, and qualifying social enterprise and small business operators.
  • Since 2012, Pure Ambition has been an active co-host of annual Earth Day events in our local community.


We are committed to managing our business responsibly, taking care of our planet today to support a sustainable future.

What’s in a name?

Here’s the inside scoop on our name:  AMBITION may seem out of balance with the message of mindfulness, connection and trust. However, the point of the name is to convey that Ambition can – and should – be PURE! The two are not mutually exclusive. Ambition is important yet out of balance it can be all consuming and threaten long-term sustained results.

So the next time you’re feeling ambitious, do a self check – are your intentions pure? If so, that’s exactly the Pure Ambition we’re all about!