3rd Tuesdays @ Impact Hub Bay Area

12-1.30 PM San Francisco;  4.30 – 6 PM Berkeley

Leadership takes on a whole meaning when we CHOOSE to do work that has big picture impact.

The Brand YOU series is designed to call forth your full essence as a leader, with personal branding and authentic voice at the center.  You’ll learn to bring the arc of mindfulness (awareness-attention-intention-action) to the forefront advancing self-belief, improved relationships and higher performance.

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 SF 3rd Tuesdays 12-1.30 
Berkeley 3rd Tuesdays 4.30 -6 pm


Q1 – Vision & Strategy: Jump-start the new year!

  • January 19: Define Your 2016 Vision.  Advance your chances of reaching your aspirations for the new year!  Uncover your most important values to support success, develop a personal leadership intention statement and define your theme for the year. All of this will culminate into a 2016 road map providing a clear strategy to serve you throughout the year.
  • February 23: Living Your Purpose and Values.  In this session, we bring your WHY and HOW to the forefront. We’ll learn why an ‘inside-out’ approach to goal attainment works best while exploring personal paths and methods to maintain alignment,
  • March 15: Work-Life Harmony. Living and working with intention. In today’s globally connected environment work-life balance takes on a new level of meaning and challenge.  In this session we’ll explore new perspectives and options to navigate the ever-expanding integration of work into our whole lives – honoring what’s most important to us, and those around us.

Q2 – Authenticity & Presence:  Practice deeper awareness and self trust, building capacity for acting in concert with your authentic – and best – self (ie Brand YOU).

This quarter we focus on Authenticity & Presence.  Our always on, 24/7 global environment begs for more connection and yet the competition for our attention – and resulting distraction – makes it tough.  During these sessions, you’ll lean in to the best parts of yourself and unpack what it looks like to show up in full authenticity while balancing the demands of the greater environment to drive the impact you seek! 

  • April 19; Operating with Authenticity. Research tells us that people experience better results and more meaningful lives when they operate from a place of true authenticity.    This month we’re taking a deep look at what it means to show up this way, employing an inside-out vs outside-in approach.  When is it easy?  Where is the challenge? What’s required?  What’s the payoff? If you want to be more effective and more confident in your authentic voice all in service of creating the long-term outcomes you desire, then this session is for you.  
  • May 17: Self Management for Results.  Operating from a place of confidence –  the authentic self – is key to creating sustainable outcomes that bring us true fulfillment. And yet, balancing the message of transparency with incorporating feedback to address blind spots can be confusing, creating unintentional disruption and stress.  How do we remain true to ourselves while serving a greater system and purpose? What role does ego play?  Join us as we examine our options to navigating the paradox of authenticity.  This HRB article will complement our work in this session:   https://hbr.org/2015/01/the-authenticity-paradox
  • June 21: Slowing Down to Speed Up. The fast pace of our lives leaves little room for pause and acting with intention. And yet, when we learn to become connected and conscious to the present moment, there is much more available to us. There is no shortage of evidence that being present and conscious generates an increase in focus, productivity,  decisiveness, agility,  resilience and overall wellness – even when mindfulness is put into practice in short spurts. Join us and explore how this can manifest and make a material difference for YOU.

Q3 – Stretching Limits:  Leverage your authentic voice to create better relationships with those who matter most (key stakeholders).

  • July 19: Communicating with Power Pt I: 5 Modes of Communication. One of the most critical components of the Mindfulness Arc is Intention. This is the decision point that leads to making the impact we seek – within ourselves, with others, and ultimately the world we’re operating within. Come explore the 5 Modes of Intention model to build an understanding of influence, where authentic action fits and a clearer path to operating mindfully with IMPACT.
  • August 16:Communicating with Power Pt II: Getting to Win/Win. We continue to see evidence of a system that is losing it’s ability to communicate when stakes are high. Fighting for position and staying attached to ‘being right’ leaves us frustrated, often resulting in shutting down. What would it be like to remain open (triggers in check!) to choose a path that enables some SHIFT rather than a stale-mate? How might this improve your relationships, influence and ultimately peace? Come play with perspective and explore the choices we have in any interaction!
  • September 20: Taking Courageous ActionWhen courage is called for we often aren’t up for the perceived risk. Why? Our brains are wired to keep us safe. Yet we also have an innate desire to overcome. The brain LOVES evidence of breaking through challenge, when we’re able to see it. And those we lead, love and interact with CRAVE environments where courage is rewarded. Much of it comes down to trusting inner wisdom and the authentic self over the often more vocal ego. Mindfulness is a proven method for building resiliency and capacity to more comfortably exercise courage. Come ponder your personal blocks and explore ways to more readily step into courageous action, at a pace that feels right for you.

Q4 – Finish Strong! Rock out year-end, reinvesting in ‘16 before jumping ahead to ’17.

As we head into the final quarter of the year, we turn our focus to Finishing Strong.  Revisiting the intentions set at the front end of the year, we’ll explore continuing momentum and what rocking out a stellar year looks like, on your terms.   With mindfulness at the core, how might things shift to an even better outcome than imagined?

  • October 18: Are you ALL IN? Often times circumstances feel out of our control and we expend energy on how external systems keep us from getting what we want. What would it be like to shift into empowerment, all through mindfully accessing the internal systems that are always available to us? As we approach the election this may have even greater bearing on our lives. What does being ‘all in’ look like? What are the blocks? Personal accountability for outcomes will reside at the core of our discussion helping to identify ways to fully participate in creating the outcomes you seek despite real world challenges.
  • November 15: Building Agility and Resiliency. The world is moving faster than ever and there’s no chance that’s changing any time soon. When we become a product of the pace the result is often stress, burn out and disconnection draining our capacity to live fulfilled lives. What are the threats to conscious participation? What are the levers? How can we build on the neuroscience that proves we can rewire our brains to be more agile and resilient, through methods that include mindfulness, so we not only survive but thrive in these ‘always on’ times? How might this serve us in leading the lives we intend and carrying us forward even when things feel out of control?
  • December 20: Celebrating What IS!  The fast pace of our work and lives leaves little room for acknowledging and appreciation what is happening that’s working. Fail faster is a great model yet if we are all about learning from failure alone, what might we be missing? What might a mindful celebration offer us and how could it inform our actions? With 2016 coming to a close, take some time out to recognize all that you have created and explore how you might leverage it for an even better 2017!

KEY OUTCOMES, achieved through proven exercises, tools and techniques you will: 

  • Uncover, celebrate and leverage your unique identity.
  • Set a clear course for realizing and defining the impact you want to make.
  • Become intimate with what matters most to you – the core of who you are –  and the relevance on eveything you do.
  • Learn and incorporate the latest research in social and emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness practices proven to support goal achievement.
  • Identify ways to create more presence, meaning and connection.
  • Practice collaboration techniques that generate win-win outcomes and buy-in.
  • Experience the power of group exploration, learning w/others facing similar challenges.
  • Create an accountability system — a leading lever for goal achievement.


    • Facilitated by certified professional coaches experienced in helping people reach their full potential and live more fulfilling and integrated lives.
    • A peer learning environment where everyone participates as teacher and student
    • Hands on (experiential) learning allowing for practical integration of concepts.
    • Pre and post in session support (readings, learning practices, email, facebook group).


 SF 3rd Tuesdays 12-1.30 
  Berkeley 3rd Tuesdays 4.30 -6 pm

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